Recently, Google made the announcement that its popular programme, named Google Photos, has a new set of terms and conditions. Beginning June 1, 2021, Google will no longer allow free users to save a significant amount of data in their account. That free cloud storage advantage of photos on Google Photos will come to an end, as stated in the policy. You will only have 15GB of storage in the end. On the other hand, 15 GB is not a tiny amount. However, if you click a lot of images in a day and save them in high definition, you’ll be thrilled with the results. It’s possible that you’ll have to subscribe to the Google Photos plan.

Are you a Pixel owner? You got it. Google has vowed to give unlimited storage for its Pixel customers to Google Photos. Learn how to get unlimited Google Photos storage for free in this article. That’s completely free. We have prepared a guide for getting free Google Photos storage by downloading images and videos from the internet. Let’s go on to the next point without any further ado.

Google Photos provides unlimited storage at no cost if you meet the following requirements:

Earlier we said that we would provide instructions on how to acquire Google Photos storage with no limits. First, you have to complete specific requirements in order to have limitless storage. When you think about it, having a Pixel smartphone makes perfect sense. A modern smartphone should be used. Furthermore, you should have a secondary phone that you may use to import all your images from your primary phone. There you have it. Okay, now we must find a way to obtain Google Photos without charging.

This guide tells you how to get unlimited Google Photos storage for free.

Continue following the steps to obtain an infinite amount of storage for Google Photos.

  1. First, you’ll need to download and install Google Photos on both cellphones. In case it is not installed:
  2. At this point, you’ll need to manually share the photos.
  3. After uploading images to the Pixel smartphone, share the photos.
  4. To finish creating your collage, open Google Photos on your Pixel, then sign in with your account.
  5. The final step is to open the Google Photos settings.
  6. Finally, activate Backup & Sync.

Starting today, Google Images will back up all of your photos automatically. There you have it.

What’s the best way to keep Google Photos storage optimised?

The Non-Pixel user must give up something to gain a few pixels. Unfortunately, it is possible to obtain Google Photos storage for free through hackers. However, we can increase the storage’s lifespan.

  • You know, it’s impossible that every image in your library is unnecessary. We’ll screenshot a certain meme or something else all the time. On the other hand, we are convinced we don’t need it anymore. Thus, delete any photos that are occupying space on your Google Photos library.
  • There are a few reasons to move images to another device: space on your smartphone, to free up some space in Google Photos, or just to help organise your photos. You may have one or more other devices in addition to your laptop, PC, smartphone, or hard drive.
  • Normally, Google Photographs saves photos in their original high-quality format. In order to make some space, we have to downgrade the image quality. First, open Google Photos, then click to the Settings tab. After which, select the corresponding menu option: “Backup & Sync.” When you are finished, hit the Upload size option and then choose Express.

For non-Pixel users, here’s how to get unlimited Google Photos storage for free.

If you need to save more photos from Google Photos, there’s one more technique that you may use.

  • Installing Pixel Experience ROM on your phone is a possibility.

Note: Visit the link for further information on how to find ROM for your smartphone. (

  • To replicate the pixel-like experience, your ROM adds all of the standard Android features while implementing a customised theme.
  • You’ll sign into the Google Photos app when you first log in, and your device will be considered a Pixel mobile phone.
  • As a result, you might potentially store endless amounts of your favourite Google Photos photos in Google Photos for free.

Although Pixel Experience ROM is not now accessible for all smartphones, it will be made available for future phones as well. You will also need some basic understanding of how to install custom ROMs. This is to keep you informed. Google Photos will only give you limitless storage if it detects that you’re not using a pixel smartphone.

By doing that, you can get Google Photos to provide you limitless storage. In addition, follow the specified steps to free up storage in Google Photos. We’ve covered how to gain Google Photos storage for free in this article.

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