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What Is Web Hosting? How To Choose A Web Host?

The most important tool a small business needs is a website, but not all businesses need to recruit an army of IT experts to build one—hosting services handle the majority of the heavy lifting.

What is web hosting?

Your website lives on a server at a web hosting service. Think of it as a regular website in a virtualized environment, with your website content running in the cloud, or on a server remotely located. As with many aspects of business, there are plenty of free, pay-as-you-go web hosting services available. Most hosts are grouped into a few general categories, including dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS, and cloud hosting, and you’ll also find some more niche companies which focus on hosting specifically for nonprofits or individuals. To provide you with a better understanding of the various web hosting options, we’ve compiled this guide detailing everything you need to know about web hosting.

How to choose a web host?

Web hosting services vary greatly in terms of cost, ease of use, and features. Here are some common attributes shared by most high-quality web hosting providers: Seamless uptime Routine back-ups and restoration No data retention policy Customizable for specific business needs Secure by design Most importantly, web hosting service providers (HPS) are reliable, reputable businesses with experience in the web hosting business. If you’re looking for a web host, all signs point to the same direction: Look at your site and make sure it’s hosted on a provider you trust.

Advantages of web hosting

If you don’t need technical help building and maintaining your website, web hosting is ideal. You don’t need to pay an IT firm to set up and maintain your server, software or network. Your web hosting provider does this for you, saving you time and money. You don’t need to have any knowledge of computing to use a web hosting service. Hosting providers offer excellent technical support so you don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of what to do with your website. In fact, it’s almost certain that you’ll be in more need of tech support than technical help, as the hosting provider will be more focused on developing and promoting your website. Prices and features of web hosting providers Web hosting providers offer a wide range of different services and prices.

Disadvantages of web hosting

Like all good things, there are some negatives to web hosting. Being located in the same physical location is a plus, but an outdated or expensive computer could hurt the local economy. Also, a bad server can really damage a site. However, for the majority of websites, it’s a fairly easy process. Installing WordPress The world of web hosting can be confusing to begin with, but WordPress is one of the most confusing, as it is the web platform that powers the majority of blogs and website of all types. But like all things WordPress-related, there are many things you can do to help a site get the best result out of it. “There are a lot of things that are right with WordPress, but one of the things that a lot of newbies don’t realize is that it’s not just a blogging engine.

Understanding the type of hosting service you need for your business

Web hosting is the underlying network service that websites need to function, and the web hosting services you use are far more important than the servers they run on. Is your website hosted by a cloud provider like Google, or by a traditional provider like Microsoft or Cisco? What about managed WordPress hosting, dedicated WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Windows hosting, Linux hosting, PHP hosting? How much power do these services require? What specs are they supporting? A quick web search will tell you there are two broad types of web hosting. Simple hosting, which is the most basic kind of hosting, supports multiple sub-domains with a global IP address.


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