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Why Bother Writing Posts If They Won’t Show up on Google?

As a blogger, you have the power to drive massive impact and growth for your business: if you can get your content to rank first in search results, your content will generate more views and conversions. But did you know that search results and content ranking is changing, and there’s a better, more modern way to grow your blog?

Defining Search Engine Optimization

A search engine is any engine that allows users to search the web by searching for a keyword. Like I said, there are tons of search engines out there, but Google is the most popular one: Microsoft Bing is another popular search engine, while DuckDuckGo is one of the most privacy-focused search engines on the planet. Your blog’s ranking has a direct impact on how much traffic you receive from search engines: as a result, your blog must rank well in the search engines in order to drive traffic to your site. Your blog must be optimized to drive organic search traffic. But do you know what SEO is? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

The 3 Key Elements of SEO

If you want your blog posts to be found in search results, you need to rank your keywords, share valuable and useful content, and drive more traffic to your blog. That’s the structure of an SEO-based blog strategy. There are three primary components to it, but the value comes from all of them. SEO Keywords (often referred to as “outbound links”) So how can you help your blog rank in search results? Link building is an important element of SEO, and it requires strategy and effort. But it isn’t the only one, and certainly not the only tactic. The fact is, content is king, and the best content drives traffic to your site. That means that if you can drive more traffic to your blog by ranking well in search results, you can rank better, too.

SEO Ranking Factors

You may think that you’re doing everything right, but you don’t have to be left behind in the competition. Today, search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated, and their performance on a blog site depends on a number of things. More and more these days, your content is being written by humans, not robots. You need to think of this like content marketing: it’s your job to tell human stories that resonate with people. So what are the best types of content that will get you that human-first traffic? Written by Human Writers Human-based content will attract human visitors, and this content is the most effective way to move people from organic search results into your blog’s landing page.

Why You Should Write Posts, Even if they Won’t Show Up on Google

Your readers will find your content on social media, directly on your website, and through other email campaigns, SEO and paid advertising, etc. And you’ll have better chances of ranking for keyword phrases. But one of the hardest things about writing an engaging blog post is getting your voice heard. I’ll admit that writing top-notch content is challenging. I’ve gone through the process of writing so many posts, and I know many bloggers are in the same boat. Sometimes I feel like I’m shooting my foot off. For example, I’ve done a post on how to write blog posts. First, I researched which topic would attract readers. Then, I wrote the post. The whole process took more than one month. But I knew the post needed a certain amount of activity on social media.

How to Use Blogging to Grow Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

First, let me say that I don’t care if your content ranks for keywords. In fact, I think a well written blog post can rank well for all the keywords it matches, as long as you’ve provided valuable information to your audience. The problem is that Google is very good at prioritizing organic search. But at the same time, as search engines get smarter, they’re becoming increasingly selective with how they rank. And so, as Google algorithm updates, Google’s internal spider bots are narrowing their focus on the words and phrases that they believe will give them the best return on investment (ROI). That’s why the things that get ranked the best right now are typically the topics that match the words and phrases that a majority of searchers are trying to find.


Content creation is a valuable tool, but as it grows more complex, I think it’s important to keep up on how to do it right. Follow these tips and your content will take off in a way your readers and search engine bots will appreciate.

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