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What is Coding? What You Need to Know about Computer Programming

Coding is defined as the process of writing computer instructions using programming languages. The websites, apps, and other technology we use on a daily basis are all programmed using computer code. If you’re into technology, you’ve probably heard the terms “coding” and “programming” a lot.

  • What is coding?
  • Why do you need to know about coding?
  • Why coding is important?
  • The future of coding
  • Types of programming languages
  • The benefits of coding
  • Conclusion

What is coding?

Coding can be divided into two main components: text and image coding. The words “text” and “image” are more like words you use to talk with others. Text coding is used to add information to the computer, to create simple documents like emails and Word documents, and to move pixels on the screen. An example of text coding would be the command “bounce-back to top of page”. This text would be contained in a PHP script that would call a function on the page called “view-buffer”, which could be the same one from previous examples. When the page refreshes, it will update the text based on the height of the page and move the page to the bottom to bounce back to top. The word “image” is more like you have a digital camera that takes pictures.

Why do you need to know about coding?

Of course, coding has become a popular language used by programmers around the world, especially in the tech industry. It is one of the most important skills in computer programming. If you’re still contemplating if coding is something you can really learn, you need to consider the following. Most jobs in the tech industry require someone to be proficient with coding. Whether you’re trying to get a job as a software engineer or an app developer, you’ll need to learn at least one programming language. As a computer programmer, you’ll need to write code in order to build the apps and technology you use. Even if you don’t want to write code, knowing what code is used for can make you a better designer.

Why coding is important?

Coding is a huge part of tech for creating software, websites, and apps. There are a lot of different types of coding, but basically it’s used to make computer programs. That means you’ll be able to build websites and apps with code! The types of coding There are basically three types of coding you’ll use to make computer programs: Static programming Dynamic programming Scripting languages Static programming Static coding is the least complicated type. You just write down what you want your program to do, and that’s it. Static coding isn’t ideal for making apps that do a lot of moving or multitasking. Dynamic programming Dynamic coding is more complicated. It’s where you put together code to make the computer do different actions.

The future of coding

Technology companies rely on programming languages, not just for websites but for their business models. The next generation of coding tools are already starting to appear. If you’re interested in coding, take a look at the video below for a more in-depth explanation of what coding is. Learning to code is a great career choice for those who want to develop software for a living or for those who just want to learn about a new technology. There’s no better way to get started than by reading this post. Coding Languages for Beginners Every language has an associated dialect which you’ll learn as you become more proficient. There are some languages that you will have to master if you want to create web pages, apps, and other things on the internet. Programming languages are no different.

Types of programming languages

There are many different kinds of programming languages and coding languages. Programming languages include computer-specific languages such as Java, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and C#; and non-computer-specific languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, and so forth. The website, Huddle.com, states that programming languages exist for specific purposes, and the main purpose of a computer program is “to be an interactive computer program or procedural program” – in other words, the program or program logic has to do something that’s useful for an intended purpose. A programming language like Java, for example, could be used to program a program that processes data. A good website that discusses programming and code is, Code School.com, which has an in-depth series called “Learning to Code.

The benefits of coding

Since technology is a priority for your business, you should also take the time to learn more about coding. The following are the main benefits of coding: Promotes learning When you code, you learn a lot of useful and relevant information. The lessons help you become a better problem solver and learner. It’s important that you have a strong understanding of coding to meet the demands of your business. Coding eases communication Using computer code makes it easy for your business to communicate with other businesses and customers. There’s less time spent on email and phone calls, which means you can spend more time and energy on what really matters: innovating your business. Improves security The most secure and reliable way to improve your business is to develop it using coding.


Creating computer code isn’t as hard as it sounds. Just because you’ve read a bunch of articles or watched a lot of videos, you may still not have any idea what all the different terms mean. Learning a few key terms and how to effectively utilize them will help make learning computer coding way easier than you think.

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